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I'm a writer with a background in teaching English literature, brand strategy and rebrands. The words I weave into your story will tell of adventure, challenge, struggle, passion and progress: a unique journey into the heart of your business and goals.


The brand storyteller invested in change

Specialising in working with impactful, change-making businesses

I come alive when I’m working with women who run their own service-based businesses, as well as supporting female marketing managers in bigger organisations.

My speciality is writing for established business who want change, but have got themselves into a bit of a mess and need someone to untangle their brand identity across all their platforms!

I believe in doing good business. I’m a signatory to The Ethical Move – promoting honesty and transparency in marketing.

My Un-Marketing Manifesto

  1. Story drives sales
  2. Risks override rules
  3. Courage over conformity
  4. Collaboration over competition
  5. Start from the end to find your beginning
  6. Build on the borrowed
  7. Be selective don’t saturate
  8. Cultivate community not client lists
  9.  Generosity generates greatness
  10. Leverage the online to get offline

The Beginning

I wrote books as a kid and dreamed of being a writer ‘when I grew up’. I helped my Dad in his work as a youth leader and was full of ideas for changing the world.

A year of journalism and sociology at uni made me realise I risked falling into a world that used language to disempower, divide and dispossess. I switched to a teaching degree.

The Middle

I moved to London and was continually drawn to roles where I worked with people who were leaving their mark on the world: writers, artists, architects, philosophers. 

I ran networking events for children’s book writers and wrote design briefs for visionary new school buildings. I co-curated an Australian-New Zealand literature festival and spent a year in recruitment matching international teachers to tough inner-city jobs. I even drafted a novel and scored an agent.

When I returned to Australia after 12 years abroad, I slipped into marketing roles with a school, a university, and then a professional services firm. I began documenting my ‘buy nothing new’ lifestyle, and realised I was leaving out a piece of myself in each role I took.

The Conflict

With each new position in a new industry, I reinvented myself and brought in fresh ideas from previous experiences. I developed resilience and got used to facing uncertainty and challenge with a brave face (but a little anxiety on the inside!).

Yet, something was missing. I felt hamstrung by the constraints of my employers and wasn’t free to make the impact I truly longed to. 

When I lost my job just before COVID hit, it was a wake-up call. The time had come to step out alone, and use everything I’d learned to benefit business owners who wanted to reshape themselves and make a bigger impact. 

The End

Storytelling is more than just words on a page. It’s about bringing an idea to life across imagery, sounds, words, and human encounters. Storytelling is a whole way of being in the world.

Today through The Storytelling Business, I am privileged to write more than just beautiful words. I help shape a narrative expressed across multiple touchpoints that sparks the recognition and success impactful businesses deserve.  

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Birkbeck, University of London Arts Management
Deakin University, Melbourne Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies
Q.U.T, Brisbane Bachelor of Education (English & History)
Australian Writers' Centre Copywriting Essentials


VCA Access (Victorian College of the Arts) Committee Member - Marketing & Comms Lead
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