Business Brand Architecture

Be seen and heard by the people who matter.

Architecture = Story + Strategy

The most successful businesses are built around a compelling business backstory that is built on a strategy containing your values, purpose, and passion for the work you do.

You need bold Brand Architecture when you’re:

  • aiming to build a community of aligned customers, clients and partners
  • itching to make big changes for humanity and our planet
  • motivating your people around an aspirational vision and purpose!

What’s a Brand Manifesto Story?

You’re here to make a difference – so your story needs to be punchy and make an impact! The typical ‘about us’ stories just won’t cut it anymore. Through creative workshopping, I’ll tease out your values, the things that make you mad, and the difference you plan to create, and craft a rallying call to action – the Manifesto.

Michelle sitting at a trestle table with a client facing her, and a laptop between them.

Business Brand Architecture Package

$ 2,445
The compelling business story

Business Manifesto

  • Brand Manifesto up to 500 words
  • 1 x 2-hour creative workshop (Zoom or in-person) with up to 3 team members (e.g. Director/Founder, CEO, Marketing Manager, Internal Comms Manager)
  • 2 x rounds of edits
  • Follow-up Zoom consult
$ 3,445
brand positioning

Business Brand Atlas

  • Mini Brand Strategy document with brand archetype/s, tagline, brand ambition & purpose, and values
  • 2 x 1-hour creative workshops (Zoom or in-person) with up to 3 team members (e.g. Director/Founder, CEO, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, Internal Comms Manager)
  • 3 x rounds of edits
  • Follow-up Zoom consult

The Storytelling Business Story Spark Framework


Your values are non-negotiables that form the unifying thread running through your brand and manifesto.


There is no change without challenge and choice. We'll frame this in a provocative but positive way to grab attention.


We'll show (not tell) the transformation you've gone through or are now pushing to see in the world.


Through clever storytelling, your audience will see their own challenges and aspirations reflected in your journey.

Michelle really understood not only what I wanted to say, but what the business was about. She translated it with beautiful words and images, and a powerful brand.
Renata Daudt
Founder, Awen (Sustainable packaging)
Michelle wrote two award entries for us and did such a good job that we were finalists for both! She has a powerful way of extracting information from you and spinning it into absolute gold. She's not only amazing at storytelling, she's efficient and reliable.
Remi Audette
Sunday Best Digital Agency
Michelle is a copywriting goddess. She has an absolute gift. She took the 57,000 thoughts in my head and turned them into a coherent story that encapsulates my why, what and how. All whilst capturing my vibe and tone of voice. She involved me in the creative process and her level of collaboration and regular communication made working with her an absolute joy. I am in love.
Hareta McMullin
Founder, Third Space People
Michelle is not only highly skilled and competent in her craft but also very enthusiastic, devoted and fun to work with! Since we went live with fresh website copy I closed a couple of sales and have received lots of compliments about how clear the messages is. I now feel super proud and no longer afraid of people checking out my website.
Nathalie Heynderickx
Director, Zen High Achiever
Our previous website was not consistent in brand, messaging, or aligned to what we actually do as we have evolved over the past 3 years. Michelle was able to bring it all together and give us some focus and written copy so we could position ourselves better.
Sarah Kerr
Co-Director, The Customer Agency
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