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I'm not getting new clients and I feel like I've stalled. I'm not sure where to start!

...with a conversation! You probably don't know what your final output needs to look like - but I bet you know where you feel challenged, where you think your business is falling short, and what your ideal future would look like. 

My working process is to guide your thinking to explore options - then play back to you the art of the possible! You then choose which elements you'd like me to evolve with you.

My social media and website are completely out of date! Do I need a full rebrand or just a brand refresh?

A full rebrand means changing your entire look, brand personality and approach to securing new clients. You'll ditch your current website and go for a complete redesign.

A refresh means you'll keep your logo, primary look and feel, and website, but elevate and enhance it.

I'm happy to discuss your current situation to determine what works best for you, your business, staff and clients.

Do you build WordPress or Squarespace websites?

If I'm building you a brand new website, it will be in WordPress. However, if your SquareSpace website needs tweaks, I can do that too.

I also recommend the best hosts if you're looking to switch providers to get a faster, more personalised service. 

We just paid an agency to redesign our logo and create a brand personality guide, but now we need to make sh*t happen. Can you do it?

Sure can! I don't just do brand strategy - but brand execution as well!

I'm experienced at managing agencies as well as picking up their creative ideas and making them a reality! Whether it's a marketing plan, content schedule, client interviews or a service-page rewrite, I'm your gal!

I have a product-based business. Can we work together?

I work almost exclusively with service-based businesses. I rebranded 5 Elements Air including redesigning their product branding, because as a bespoke scent marketing company they straddle both product and service arenas. 

Please get in touch if you're not sure where your business falls, and we can chat!

I'm scared to ask about your prices!

I'm not afraid to tell you them!

  • WordPress website design starts from $5000, including up to five pages, all the plugins you need, full SEO-optimised copywriting, three rounds of edits, and stock photography selection (chosen to look like your brand). 
  • Brand Personality Guides start from $600 for a 'lite' option.
  • Client Story packages are $1000 for four client stories, including interview time, writing time, one round of edits, and publishing to your WordPress or SquareSpace website. 
  • My hourly rate for copywriting is $130. You don't just get a writer - you get a thinker who will help shape and elevate your ideas.
  • Rebrands start from $8,000 including a brand personality guide, digital assets, fully refreshed website, campaign launch plan and all copywriting.

I offer packages for everything depending on what you need. Get in touch for a comprehensive work spec and quote. I also offer payment options.


If you're a DIY kinda gal or guy, you'll definitely want to check out The Rebrand Retreat - it's a guided 8-week program where I teach you everything (really!) you need to launch your rebrand.

This is the first time I've seen a marketer selling something for a round number! What's going on?

The Storytelling Business is an ethical, transparent, no BS marketing consultancy. 

We're signatories to The Ethical Move, and don't believe in using Jedi mind-tricks on our prospective clients.

rocket ship launching

An epic overhaul of every idea and touchpoint, from your values up.

Client Stories

Swap case studies for stories, and let your clients shine.


Intelligent words, backed by insider industry understanding.

WordPress Websites

Websites designed and written for SEO AND style.

Film Storyboarding

Engaging narratives for corporate films, plus film agency management.

Brand Personality Guides

A practical handbook capturing your values, vision and vibe for stakeholders, staff and designers.

Marketing & Comms Plans

Clear, concise plans that simplify your workload and showcase your unique offering.

Event Promotion

A wholistic campaign for one-off Zoom workshops through to full-blown in-person galas.

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