Founder Stories and Business Backstories

Be seen and heard by the people who matter, through the power of story.

Founder and team backstories for websites and social media

Storytelling helps craft a personal brand story that captures your essence, captivates people’s attention and conveys just how wonderful it is to work with you! 

You need a new professional founder backstory when:

  • Your business offering evolves
  • Your team grows
  • It’s been a year or more since you last refreshed your ‘About Me’ profile
  • You’re getting new profile or team photos taken 
  • You’re booked for a speaking or podcasting gig, and you need materials from pre-event promo 
  • You want to feel confident and proud describing what you do, and why!

Business backstories for websites and social media

The best ‘About Us’ website pages contain a compelling business backstory. In today’s competitive business world, an origin story highlighting your purpose and passion will help clients choose you over someone else. 

You need a new business backstory when:

  • You’re rebranding your business
  • Your website is getting an update
  • Your business has grown to offer new services or target a new audience 
  • You have competitors breathing down your neck, and you need to stand out
  • You want to motivate and inspire your staff around a shared vision vision and purpose!

The Storytelling Business Story Formula

Your new professional founder story, or business backstory, will be crafted using my unique Storytelling Business Story Formula. This includes:


What do you want to be known for? These values and non-negotiables will be the unifying thread running through your personal and professional journey.


There are no standard (read: boring!) chronological profiles here! We'll explore your challenges and frame them in a positive way - to keep your audience engaged and inspired.


A story is only a story when there’s change and growth. I'll uncover your 'threshold' moment: the turning point in your professional life or the business journey that triggered meaningful action.


I'll tell your story in a way that has value and meaning to your audience. They'll see their own needs, challenges and aspirations reflected in your journey.

Copywriting prices for Founder Backstories and Business Backstories

$ 520
Single story for one person

Founder Story or Bio

  • 45-minute Zoom interview
  • 2 x rounds of edits
  • Personal tagline
  • Up to 500 words (choose 1st or 3rd person)
  • Final story ready for upload
  • Add-ons: elevator pitch; speaker bio; alternative voice (1st or 3rd person) (additional cost)
$ 620
Single business backstory

Business Backstory - 'About Us'

  • 1-hour Zoom interview with up to 2 people
  • 2 x rounds of edits
  • Up to 500 words
  • Final story + metadata (for About Us website page) ready for upload
  • Add-ons: Ready-to-use posts for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn featuring your new story (additional cost)
$ 1200+
3 individual Bios

Team Professional Bios

  • Package of 3 team member bios (15% discount)
  • 2 x rounds of edits per person
  • Up to 400 words per team member
  • Add-ons: Ready-to-use 'Meet the team' posts for Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn (additional cost)
  • Get in touch for pricing for team members of 4+
For entrepreneurs and biz owners


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