everyone, a leader

personal brand workshops

Imagine a workplace where personal branding isn’t just a buzzword, but the driving force behind your team’s passion for innovation, connection, and meaningful contribution.

Personal branding is not just a catalyst for individual visibility, but a tool for collective success. When your people are supported to develop a strong sense of identity and agency, they invest in their careers by creating opportunities in their organisation.

In these practical personal branding sessions, participants will discover how to align their values, personality types and aspirations with a personal brand. In masterclasses and workshops, they’ll have time to define their purpose, identify unique strengths and skills, and learn how, when, where and with whom to activate their brand.  

With everyone a leader, the possibilities are limitless.

The World Needs Your Personal Brand!

In this 45-minute keynote, Michelle will motivate your group to embrace their secret leadership powers and make a difference in their workplace or industry.

find your personal brand

In this 3-hour masterclass, participants will design a personal brand framework and discover how they can lead in work they love.

design your personal brand

In this full day (6 hour) workshop, participants will design a  personal brand framework and an activation  plan to bring their brand to life.

Done-for-you branding

Looking for an opportunity to work one-on-one with Michelle to design your personal thought leadership brand?