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In the structured world of business, the innate human drive to share, connect, and inspire through stories has been sidelined. We talk in business jargon, not real voices. We present reams of data instead of unveiling the people behind it. We push growth and efficiency over relaxed conversation.

The science says we’re doing our businesses, and ourselves, a disservice. Decisions are not made with logic, but emotion. We work first with our hearts, then our heads. Bringing story back to the workplace makes good business sense.

In these immersive storytelling workshops, you’ll tap into your own unique stories and learn how to communicate, lead, and influence in a whole new way. It’s time to unleash the storyteller within you and transform how you connect in the business world.

Lead different – with story


Learn to use storytelling to become a persuasive communicator, drive strategic initiatives, enhance trust in your ideas and innovate your thinking  /  A team workshop for professionals at all levels

The Story-Powered Team

Create a vibrant team culture and empower your staff to advocate for the team across your organisation, by building a team StoryBank / A workshop for single or multiple teams

stories that sell

Learn to design authentic stories that support every stage of the sales cycle, from grabbing attention and building trust, to handling objections and getting conversions  /  A workshop for sales and recruitment teams

Storytelling for Sustainable Change

Delve into the psychology behind why people avoid change and learn to use stories to overcome resistance and embed sustainable change  /  A workshop for leaders or purpose-led marketing teams

You Need a Manifesto

Connect to your personal or collective purpose, by harnessing your energy and activating your ideas in this famous story format  /  A workshop for individuals or teams

Michelle's presentation style made storytelling seem entirely ​possible / I felt like I could do it (which is actually a very ​powerful feeling)!
Storytelling for DEI Projects
University of Melbourne
creating a fun, safe space for every participant

michelle's rules for great workshops


Beige is banned / I expect to meet all your colourful quirks / Bring your whole self to the session /  We accept you


You are an adventurer: experimenting, exploring, falling  /  Get back up and try again  /  We’ll catch you

There are no dumb questions, only curious humans

There are no dumb questions, only curious humans  /  If you don’t understand – ask  /  If you know the answer – share  /  We invite you


There’s no right and wrong in storytelling – only big or small audience impact / We accept every story that does no harm  /  We hear you

Don't steal a story

There are plenty of stories to tell, and enough space to share them / If you want to borrow – ask / We trust you

be vulnerable but safe

Personal branding and storytelling cut deep to the heart of who we are as humans  /  Be vulnerable and open without exposing the bits you’d like to keep private  /  We respect you


Learn the science and art of storytelling, and narrate your way to a better future  /  Practical tips, tricks and templates for story-led leadership

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