Storytelling Workshops and Programs

Learn to find and tell your stories with purpose and confidence.

Stories are more than just ‘content’. They hold a particular shape, draw on scientifically proven techniques, and have the power to transform both you and your audience. 

  • Inspired to build a stronger team? Unite them through stories, instead of making more rules
  • Want to sell more products and services? Lead with stories, not stats.
  • Need to convey your values and mission? Bring it to life, don’t explain it with facts
  • Ready to make a splash with your next big idea? Share your  journey, before you get to the destination.
  • Want to be heard by the people who matter? Speak with your heart, not your head.
  • Feeling disconnected from your passion and purpose? Find your voice, don’t hide behind doubt.

Storytelling is a highly regarded communications and marketing tool. It is also a means of better understanding ourselves, our history, our place in our community, and our possible future. 

Through stories, we make sense of the world and take action within it.

Group standing around a table with picture cards on it.

The Storytelling Business Story Spark Framework


What do you want to be known for? Your values and non-negotiables will be the unifying thread running through your personal, professional or business story.


There is no story without conflict - whether you're facing an outside 'enemy' or an internal struggle. Use your challenges to build tension and keep your audience on the edge of their seats.


A story must show change and growth. We'll uncover your 'threshold' moment: the turning point in your professional life or the business journey that triggered meaningful action.


Who is your audience and what do they need from you? Learn to tell your story so your readers or listeners see their own desires, challenges and aspirations reflected back at them.

Storytelling workshops for individuals and teams

Learn to use storytelling to stand out, find your voice and inspire others to action!

Finding, shaping, and telling a unique story can give you the confidence to reclaim your identity, and make a meaningful impact in life or work.  Discover how to tell your Origin Story, Purpose Story, Summit Story, Downfall Story and more. A story is a key part of your personal brand. Use it on your LinkedIn profile, in a speaker bio, or as the opening to a presentation.  

Who should learn professional and personal storytelling?

  • Professionals
  • Activists
  • Coaches
  • Teams
  • Project leaders
  • Presenters and speakers
  • Anyone with a message to share

Storytelling workshops for businesses

Define your purpose, showcase your values, and motivate your ideal audience.

In today’s competitive business world, stories build trust with your ideal clients, customers and staff. Whether you’re launching a new business, rebranding, growing, selling or onboarding new staff, your business will benefit from Brand Stories, Origin Stories, Values Stories and more. Use them in induction packs, presentations, speeches, brand identity guides or on websites and social media.

Who should learn professional business storytelling?

  • Founders who love to DIY
  • Marketing Managers
  • Internal Communications Managers
  • HR Managers
  • Team Leaders

A specialist in stories

Michelle Newell - Lead Story Host

Michelle is passionate about bringing creative storytelling techniques to business settings. She has worked in the literary world in London, drafted a novel and scored an agent, and attended writing workshops in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Michelle has worked with people in a range of sectors, including education, engineering, urban design, the creative industries, professional services, architecture, and financial services. She is a fully qualified teacher and confident community facilitator.

As an experienced learning designer, Michelle customises every workshop to your business, staff or individual needs, including using industry-specific or team-specific case studies. 

Michelle's presentation style made it [storytelling] all seem entirely possible. I felt like I could do it! (Which is actually a very powerful feeling.)
Workshop Participant
University of Melbourne, Diversity & Inclusion
It can be challenging to highlight conflicts in sharing stories as it can feel negative, but Michelle pushed me to see that it only enhances the climax and magnitude of the outcome. In turn, it provides the opportunity for the 'teachable moment'. I liked the concept of the workshop and how important it is that we can all share our stories for impact.
DLA Piper
Storytelling for Identity & Impact Workshop
The workshop was very engaging. It catered to a range of learning styles, with beautiful visual slides and tactile activities with interaction within the group. Michelle is a very engaging facilitator. She worked as much content into the session as possible and shared resources afterwards to support the embedding of concepts learnt.
DLA Piper
Storytelling for Identity & Impact Workshop

Workshop features

Discover our key ingredients...
  • Every workshop customised to your needs
  • Activities to suit a range of learning styles
  • One-on-one time with Michelle for each participant
  • Interactive, hands-on activities 
  • Live workshopping of participant’s work
  • Unique templates and tools to use and take away
  • Optional intro to ChatGPT to draft your story (full-day workshops only)
Michelle handing out an A3 sheet of paper with a narrative arc on it to two workshop attendees.

Storytelling Workshop Prices

$ 3,495
for professional and business storytelling

Half Day Workshop (3.5 hours)

The Brand Bible package is ideal for a brand refresh, small business rebrand, or new business launch

Together, we'll reimagine your business: from the foundation of your non-negotiable values, to the way you show up online and in real life with your ideal audience.

Your Brand Bible carves out a unique position in the market, and gives you absolute confidence to take the next step in briefing your graphic designer, copywriter, website designer and more!

What's included?

Final Brand Bible containing:

  • Tagline
  • Brand values and essence
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand story
  • 2 x Audience Personas
  • 3 x Competitor Reviews and unique brand positioning
  • 3 x Brand promises/messages
  • Brand tone of voice guide with messaging examples for your 3 favourite platforms
  • Visual identity recommendations to match the brand personality (imagery style, font and colours)
  • Project management with your graphic designer, website designer and copywriter (up to 1 hour with each)

How do we do it?

  • 1 x team workshop
  • 1 x questionnaire for you
  • Desktop research on your ideal clients
  • Desktop research on your competitors
  • Unlimited rounds of feedback
  • 1 x presentation session to showcase the Brand Bible and explain how it works in action with your creative professionals as you get ready for launch or rebrand
$ 5,490
for professional and business storytelling

Full Day Workshop (8 hour workshop)

The Holistic Brand Bible package is ideal for larger established businesses, or businesses ready for an epic rebrand.

This package offers an immersive and intensive brand design experience that engages your current and ideal clients in the process of brand building. You'll get a brand that feels authentic to you, but that also speaks straight to the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

This offering is designed to take all the pressure off you to launch or rebrand your business. As a brand and marketing specialist, I'll expertly project manage your brand design with your chosen creative professionals. 

What’s included?

Final Brand Strategy and Personality Guide containing:

  • Review and analysis of current brand positioning
  • New business name (if required)
  • Tagline
  • Brand values and essence
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand story
  • Up to 3 x Audience Personas
  • 5 x Competitor Reviews and unique brand positioning
  • 5 x Brand promises/messages
  • Brand tone of voice guide with messaging examples for Instagram, LinkedIn and Website
  • Visual identity recommendations to match the brand personality (imagery style, font and colours)
  • Full, end-to-end project management with your graphic designer, website designer and copywriter - until you're ready to launch*

How do we do it?

  • Desktop research on your current branding and brand positioning
  • 2 x team workshops
  • 1 x questionnaire for you
  • 1 x questionnaire for clients (bespoke design with you)
  • Up to 5 Zoom calls with 5 current clients
  • 1 x client and stakeholder workshop to test ideas
  • 2 x rounds of feedback
  • Desktop research on your competitors
  • 1 x presentation session to showcase the Brand Bible
  • 1 x training session with your team, to manage your brand creation or rebrand
for everyone who wants to tell better stories

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