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We Rebranded! Season 2

We Rebranded! is presented by Michelle Newell, rebrand specialist at The Storytelling Business. Each episode, Michelle interviews a business owner who has rebranded, refreshed or revived their business brand – to inspire you to do the same, and to show you that brand is so much more than a logo!

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SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 - July 9 2021

We Rebranded Campaign Del Mar!

With Mia Fileman, Director & Queen of Campaign Marketing

In Mia’s own words:

🌴Deciding whether you should rebrand is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly. It’s also a decision that can’t be outsourced. Despite many people telling me that I should keep Idiello, it felt right that I change the brand, and I am so glad that I listened to my intuition.

🌴It took me 5 months to appoint the right designer (and I did!!), decide on a new name, approve a new brand identity and relaunch, and that timing is actually pretty speedy by most standards. This is one of those projects that you can’t rush, and careful planning will pay dividends. As I said to Michelle, I can’t think of a single thing I would have done differently. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
🌴It is a missed opportunity to rebrand without running a re-launch campaign. Your window for “shiny, new thing” doesn’t come around often. The teaser campaign leading up to the announcement of Campaign Del Mar has been my top-performing content to date and spurred a ton of enquiries. So, don’t just focus on the new branding but also how you will share it with the world. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Check out Campaign Del Mar.⠀⠀⠀

SEASON 2, EPISODE 2 - 14 July 2021

We Rebranded The Life of a Virtual Assistant!

With Social Media Specialist Mira Ciccone

Mira Ciccone’s rebrand has not only given her a fresh injection of confidence, but helped reshape her service offering. Now, Mira is only working on the things she loves!

Mira is midway through her rebrand. Although she has a new brand identity and new business solutions, her website is still in development. It’s an interesting point at which to talk to a business owner!

The Life of a Virtual Assistant was launched during COVID 2020 as a VA solution for busy female business owners. However, rebranding was the opportunity Mira needed to focus on her talents, skills and passions. She is now offering social media management and creation – and her pink branding leaves no room for confusion: this is a woman working with other motivated, bold and fun women!


SEASON 2, EPISODE 3 - July 21 2021

We Rebranded Promoloco!

With Bronwyn Smith, Eco-Promo Item Consultant

When Bron launched her promotional merchandise business @promolocoau she went with what she knew from working in the industry. She tried to offer a gazillion merch options to her clients – so many in fact, that her international website designer/manager disappeared on her when they could no longer keep up!

But Bron’s passion is for local (or ethically-made international) products and businesses; and her target audience is the business owner who wants to offer quality products to clients. Her rebrand repositioned her biz, and she’s working on more of the stuff she loves, with more of the clients she loves – like @checklistlegal and @oh.my.vibes

Discover Bron’s story in our live chat, right here.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 4 - 26 July 2021

We Rebranded Checklist Legal!

Legal Industry Revolutionary, Verity White

Verity White is the owner of a challenger brand – a law firm that boldly shows that you don’t have to do business the way it’s always been done!

Verity launched @checklistlegal as a blog, but she’s super talented and it wasn’t long before she stepped up into consulting services.

Today, her business specialises in building fun, accessible, on-brand contracts for female founders. She also lectures at Melbourne Uni (what can’t this woman do?!) and works with larger firms on their contract automation.

Discover how Verity went from a conservative looking DIY brand to one that stands apart from all the other law firms out there! 💥

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5 - August 16 2021

We Rebranded Fletcher & Co. Communications!

With Bree Williams, Ethical & Pupose-Driven Communicator

Bree Williams is the founder of @hellofletcherandco – an ethical communications agency specialising in working with for-purpose organisations.

Bree started out working in industry herself at a non-profit, then went solo with a copywriting business. She’s since evolved to offer a full range of marketing solutions, and taken on four new staff 🤩

Bree has a wholistic view of ‘brand’ as the entire experience someone has with her business – and has reshaped her brand identity around her purpose-driven audience!

Discover her story here…

SEASON 2, EPISODE 6 - 26 July 2021

We Rebranded! Expert Brodi-Rose Creative Co.

Graphic Design Inspo for Rebrands

In this ‘Expert Edition’ of We Rebranded! I introduce you to Brodi – a talented graphic designer specialising in brand design through Brodi-Rose Creative Co.


Bro has helped many businesses to rebrand and brought their values, purpose, vision and future direction to life creatively 💥

Discover what a graphic designer can do for YOUR rebrand in this episode of We Rebranded!


We cover:
❤️When to DIY with @canva (hint: it’s not your logo)
❤️How ‘brand’ is more than logo
❤️The importance of professional photography
❤️The other creatives she works with on rebrands

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