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We Rebranded! Season 1

We Rebranded! The Instagram Live Show

Season 1, 2021

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We Rebranded! is presented by Michelle Newell, rebrand specialist at The Storytelling Business. Each episode, Michelle interviews a business owner who has rebranded, refreshed or revived their business brand – to inspire you to do the same, and to show you that brand is so much more than a logo!


We Rebranded One Roof!

With Sheree Rubinstein, Founder and CEO

Rebranding. It means you’ve got to let go of everything and totally transform, right?

Nope! As Sheree Rubinstein, founder of One Roof shares with us here, a rebrand can simply be a new expression of who you are and what you stand for. An evolution, if you will.

Discover how the director of Australia’s fastest-growing female co-working collective led her business rebrand during COVID (and what it cost her… shhhhh!).


We Rebranded Empowered HR!

With Lorraine Sebastian, Co-founder & Partner

Lorraine Sebastian and Carolyn Mitchell established HR consultancy Empowered HR in 2017. 

For over a decade, the two women worked on and off together in corporate and freelance roles. They knew they’d make a team with their complementary skillsets, and the huge praise they now get from clients shows they made the right decision! 

I first met Lorraine and Carolyn in 2020, when I edited the content for their new website. I love their passion for people, their sincerity and their authenticity.

Discover what happens when you realise you need to fall in love with your business brand again; and how to create a logo that’s the essence of who you are. 


We Rebranded Nanager!

With Lauren Brown, Founder & Chief Nanager

From a one-woman nannying business to an Australia-wide agency with a unique model that disrupts a whole industry – Lauren Brown shares how Nanager‘s brand has evolved without losing the essence of her unique, bold personality!


We Rebranded Melissa Martin Photography

With Melissa Martin, Founder & Photographer

If you think you’re too busy to pause and rebrand, Melissa Martin has some words of advice: just do it now!

Melissa rebranded her photography business during COVID 2020. But seeing the impact today – more of the right clients; more time to do the work she loves – she wishes she’d done it sooner. 

Melissa didn’t have a brand before her ‘rebrand’ – just a logo. In this episode, we discuss the wholistic nature of rebranding your business!

By niching, Melissa Martin Photography has opened up a whole new world.


We Rebranded Stephanie Menere Consulting and The Penny School!

With Stephanie Menere, Founder & Accountant

I chat to accountant Stephanie Menere of Stephanie Menere Consulting, about her epic TWO YEAR rebrand journey (yup, that’s not a typo).

Discover more about the impact of Stephanie’s rebranding story in this episode; and discover how to position a business in a male-dominated, typically conservative industry! 

SEASON 1, EPISODE 6 - 18 MAY 2021

We Rebranded Lady Leadership!

With Samantha McIntyre, Director and Leadership Coach

Samantha McIntyre is a leadership coach and podcast host. Her business Lady Leadership elevates women in the workplace at every stage of their careers. 

Join me for this live chat, as I talk to Sam about reinventing herself (she started out answering phones, and made her way to the C-Suite), and setting the ambitious target of directly impacting 100K+ Aussie women in business.

SEASON 1, EPISODE 7 - 20 MAY 2021

We Rebranded One More Song!

With DJ Aleks Mac, Co-Founder

DJ’ing for weddings is a competitive business with an established format, so Aleks and partner Eddy first launched their business One More Song looking like everyone else. 

Problem was, they were attracting all the wrong kinds of clients (nice people, just not with the kind of playlists or budgets they were after). Discover what happened when they decided to be truly themselves, and execute a ‘no-holds barred’ rebrand.

This is ‘no more Nutbush’ territory! 

SEASON 1, EPISODE 8 - 25 MAY 2021

We Rebranded Emma McMillan Copy

With Emma McMillan, Copywriter & Founder

In this episode, I talk to copywriter and business owner Emma McMillan about rewriting the story of her own brand, as part of her rebranding process. 

Emma worked with many inspirational female founders to rebrand her business. Discover who she worked with, what they did – and what she’s since achieved – in this inspiring episode chock full of tips you can use in your own rebrand.


We Rebranded Her Wit!

With Shamila Gopalan, Director

HerWit is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience and a lifelong determination
to make a positive impact on the world of business and strive for equality.

Founder Shamila Gopalan speaks to me about pivoting during COVID 2020 and rebranding – as well as the branding mistakes she made first time around when she launched in 2019.

SEASON 1, EPISODE 10 - 7 JUNE 2021

We Rebranded Zen High Achiever!

With Nathalie Heynderickx, Executive Coach

After her rebrand, Nathalie Henderickx is ‘walking the talk and far more focussed’ in her business, Zen High Achiever

Nathalie is an executive coach with a unique focus on CIO’s and tech professionals. She’s also the founder of The Mindful CIO, and The Mindful AI Manifesto: a non-profit which advocates for Human Values in AI. 

In this episode, we talk about getting clear on your ideal target clients, setting up a separate business identity for .org ventures (not-for-profits) and how I helped Nathalie (who is my client) with her rebrand and messaging.

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