Website SEO Copywriting

Work with a Melbourne-based website copywriter who can connect your business to new audiences.

Great website copywriting does two things. It tells the Google bots what your business does (aka SEO), and it speaks human.

The best website copywriting is clear, crisp and meaningful. It captures your unique brand voice. It weaves a story around your purpose and conveys what it feels like to work with you. Best of all; it sells your services to new audiences.

Great SEO website copywriting helps you make a bigger impact.

Website copywriting for new businesses

Are you launching a new business? You’ll need a local copywriter who can bring your vision to life. Someone confident at starting from scratch with a blank page. 

My copywriting services include a brand ID workshop and a Brand Promises Document. This helps us shape your new brand’s tone of voice and forms the basis of all your website copy. 

Website copywriting for business rebrands

Do you recognise your business when you read your website copy? Or do you cringe at how outdated it sounds? 

My specialty is taking your current web copy and reimagining, reworking or completely rewriting it!

You’re an established business owner or manager so I work collaboratively with you. Your ideas and requests are respected at every step of the copywriting process.

Website SEO Copywriting Highlights

Brand Personality

My copywriting taps into your business values and key drivers. We'll create a brand voice that sounds authentic, natural and just like you.


I love to bring your customer or client front and centre in your website copy. We'll speak to their challenges and aspirations so they see themselves reflected in your services and solutions.

Brilliant writing

My writing style adapts to your preferred tone of voice and brand ID. But all website copy is simple, compelling and unfolds as a logical narrative down each page.

Ready to upload

Your final website SEO copywriting is delivered just how your website designer likes it. This includes SEO-optimised headings, H1 and H2 tags, calls to action and links.

Website SEO Copywriting inclusions

Website SEO Copywriting costs

$ 480

6 - 10 pages

  • $480 per page - up to 500 words
  • May include: Homepage, About Us page, Our Process page, Services pages, Course Sales page and more
  • All inclusions above
  • Complimentary Contact Page
  • Get in touch for projects of more than 10 pages!
$ 520

2 - 5 pages

  • $520 per page - up to 500 words
  • May include: Homepage, About Us page, Our Process page, Services pages, Course Sales page and more
  • All inclusions above
  • Complimentary Contact page
$ 800

1 page

  • $800 for one page - up to 500 words
  • Ideal for Homepage, About Us page, Course Sales page and more
  • All inclusions above
  • 10% discount on future page packages

These are indicative prices only. The final price will depend on:

  • Your project size
  • The amount of background research required
  • Your starting point – whether you have background info to supply me or not

After an initial chat, I’ll supply a customised quote.  Deposit: 50% of the project fee is payable up front, before the project can start.

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