5 Elements to Build a Memorable Brand Experience

Brand experience is the way your business makes someone feel every time they encounter it. Invest time in developing the foundations of that experience using these five foundational elements:

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Create your brand story

Refresh your business ‘About’ story so it connects your journey with your target audience’s values, struggles and hopes. Distil the story to a one-minute elevator pitch you can say off the top of your head.

Curate a visual identity

Choose a visual look that is undeniably you (colours + images + fonts) – then stick to it. Expand this to your office – when someone arrives, does it feel like destination you?

Make your staff storytellers

In five minutes at a party, can your staff explain what they do and why – and get someone else excited about it? Don’t expect new staff to ‘absorb’ the brand – teach them!

Spark conversation

A memorable experience is built on a two-way encounter. Draw others in by asking questions, listening, and offering an opinion based on your brand values.

Act with intent

Walk the talk by living out your business values in all you say and do. Partner with other businesses with visions that align withyours. Find clients who share your values.

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