5 reasons you’re ready to rebrand your business

We rebranded!

The Storytelling Business revealed a fresh new brand identity last week. It includes clearer values, a new website, and a sexy new brand palette!

So – how did we know it was time for change? And what can you learn from us about when you need to level up your business branding? 

If any of these sound like you, it might be time to redefine your business identity and roll out a fresh new vision, vibe and voice!


You're embarrassed to send people to your website to check out your services. I started deleting The Storytelling Business' URL from proposal documents and my email footer, because I was worried someone would judge my skills based on them (and their verdict would have been - eek, she's a bit basic).


You're about to raise your prices, and need a sleek brand identity that says 'I'm worth it'!


You're seeking an injection of funding, or have stakeholders breathing down your neck telling you you're business isn't 'up to scratch'. Your branding has fallen behind the quality of your offering, and it's letting you down. A rebrand will re-balance your service offering with your public image.


Don't forget your business brand makes an impression on future employees, not just future clients. If you want to attract the 'right fit' for your team, your brand needs to be authentically you. A rebrand will help you focus on what you stand for, and determine the best way to communicate that using words, images and actions.


You've had your current branding for three years or more. Businesses should be checking in with their goals and values every year - but don't forget to take stock of your entire digital/IRL presence and messaging every 3 - 5 years. Is everything telling the same story, and getting you where you want to go? If not - it's time to rebrand!

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