How to use storytelling for employee engagement

Discover the structure of powerful stories, and how to use them to engage your employees, in this film and podcast episode for Interesting Conversations with Interesting People, hosted by Emma Graham from Spencer Lane Recruitment.

Interesting Conversations with Interesting People podcast

In this episode, Emma is joined by Michelle Newell, storyteller, writer and workshop host. Michelle started her career teaching English literature, before moving into the corporate world in communications roles and ultimately turning her passion for human-led content into her own business.

Michelle starts by talking us through her own career history, perfectly demonstrating how important and impactful storytelling is. From here we talk through what a ‘story’ is and isn’t and Michelle gives practical tips on how to craft your own story.

Michelle is passionate about the crucial role that storytelling plays in employee engagement and EVP more broadly. We talk through what EVP is and how using stories leads to much more meaningful content and engagement. Again, Michelle gives practical tips on how to go about this and the types of stories you can tell.

In a time when ‘storytelling’ has become a bit of a buzzword, it was great to get context and a more practical understanding of what it actually means, and how to do it in the most effective way. 

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