The best hashtags for professional service businesses

Hashtags – they can feel a little out-of-place in professional services, right? A bit too attention seeking, a smidge too ‘millenial’ for your audience, a whole lot of extra word count when you just want to keep your message clear and concise. 
Actually, hashtags are little beacons of light, directing people (and social media algorithms) your way. The right hashtags = the right attention = potential new clients!

Weekly Hashtag Tips

Weekly hashtag trends are even better, because they give busy professional services peeps like *you* a guide to what you can post each week. Scroll down for my explanation of how to make the most of each hashtag.

Top tips for weekly hashtags

Monday Hashtag

#MondayMood: This one can be used to capture a whole range of moods! New lockdown restrictions causing your small business clients grief? You’re going to acknowledge their pain, and post something in support of them. But a JobKeeper extension? That’s cause for celebration!

Tuesday Hashtag

#TipTuesday – This one is great for shining a light on your expertise. Focus on the services you offer or industries you work with; and offer a piece of practical advice.

Wednesday Hashtag

#HappyHumpDay or #HumpDay – This one’s a winner for acknowledging that the working week can feel super long – but we’re all in it together! It’s a chance to inject a little humour into your posts, or add a motivational quote. 

Thursday Hashtag

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT – It might be an oldie but it’s still a goodie! According to Wikipedia, #TBT has been used on Instagram over 500 million times. This one gives you a chance to highlight your business backstory, or to re-purpose an old article from your blog archives. Think outside the box. For example, you could take a screenshot of the early days of your business Instagram to demonstrate the evolution of your business.   

Friday Hashtag

#FollowFriday – This hashtag is my favourite for giving a boost to your clients / partners / colleagues / staff. Feature them, and encourage your audience to visit their profile/page and follow or like them. 

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