We Rebranded! Featuring creative merch business Promoloco

When you launch a new new small business, it often feels safest to copy what others in your industry are doing.

In Bronwyn Smith’s case, her promotional merchandise brand Promoloco had a fun logo – but her website looked like all the other big players. She was listing hundreds of products for any type of client, and offering to source anything and everything. 

Promoloco’s point-of-difference was the fact that Bron sourced more eco-friendly and local products. But this didn’t stand out in her original branding, copy or website design.

The power of rebranding

Enter – the rebrand! Bron now has a fresh new logo and colour scheme, a new website and a brand new offering. She also invested in professional photography of herself. As a small business owner with newfound confidence, she has positioned herself front and centre in her new brand. 

A new creative vision

Today, Bron attracts more of the clients she wants to work with – small business owners with big values. She’s also injected fresh creativity into her work, by collaborating to produce unique branded items for her clients (like the ‘super cumfy hoodie’ for Oh My Vibe).  

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