Why you must have a manifesto

A few years ago, a trend emerged. The standard ‘About me’ profiles were being re-written as bold calls to action. Professional and business challenges were called out. An underlying current of ‘we’re in this together’ was brewing. Solutions for loyal followers and converts were offered.

— The manifesto was being repurposed —

Some of these manifestos were motivating. Most made false promises. Few really had our best interests at heart. Buried beneath the peppy words and endorsements from fans was a hidden agenda to bolster a boss babe or bro’s business, ego, or bank balance. Too many good people and businesses found their voices silenced or swallowed by pointless noise from lesser competitors.

— The manifesto was being corrupted —

We live in complex and uncertain times. People need real leaders, real promises that translate to action, real relationships, and realistic guidance for the journey ahead. We need to reclaim the manifesto as a rallying cry to unite purposeful people around purposeful projects.

I call on the changemakers and the community builders, the seekers of justice, and the creators of new realities, the advocates who shout for new ways of navigating the world, and the quiet voices hiding powerful personalities. I call on the angry ones who are fed up with the slow pace of change, and the bruised and the broken who know that things need to be different. I call both the busy and the idle, the leaders trapped in followers’ bodies, and the followers seeking a tribe.

Activate your voice with a manifesto. Build it on integrity and elevate it with our collective imagination and effort. Ignite our fire, give us hope, and lead us to meaningful ways of being and doing.

— It‘s time for the manifesto to be reimagined —