Coyo Yoghurt: Brand Backstory Breakdown

The most successful brands use their stories to connect. They create community using shared values, knowledge and dreams. They know their story, show their story and live their story.

They reveal their lumps and bumps – the things that make their brand human. And instead of scaring us away they draw us closer. They spark conversation, which makes us want to spend time interacting with them too.

Brand Story Questions: 

  • Do you know your why?
  • Can people relate to your purpose?
  • Do they look to you for answers?
  • Are you selling or servicing with heart or humanity?

Coyo - a global vegan success story

Coyo is a yoghurt alternative based on coconut milk. But it’s more than just a food product. Coyo is positioned as a way of life.

The Coyo Brand backstory (read it in full here) is a heroes quest story. Founder Henry doesn’t actually leave his Queensland home, but his journey takes him on a voyage of discovery as he tries to crack the challenge of being the first to create a vegan yogurt alternative with coconut. Just when it seems all hope is lost, a guide appears (Henry’s Yoda is a real coconut, washed up at his feet), and Henry finds renewed vigor to complete his quest.

The story is genius because it creates a challenge and a moment of triumph when it is overcome. Every brand backstory needs a little drama like this to connect with an audience.

Choose your words to match your brand values

The Coyo Brand backstory is also very clever in its choice of words. None are accidental. They’re all picked to bring Coyo’s brand values to life! Check out the highlighted words below. What vibe are you sensing here?

When you read Coyo’s brand backstory, you know their values are based around: 

  • finding your life’s purpose (whether that’s building a new non-dairy brand, or becoming vegan). 
  • nature / natural
  • wholesome goodness
  • power in nature and a natural lifestyle

To connect with your audience, they must feel like they’re buying part of your story. Coyo’s customers aren’t just buying non-dairy yoghurt, they’re elevating their lifestyle to something natural and wholesome.

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