The best marketing and internal comms business stories

Stories are a powerful tool to help you connect with clients and engage employees. It’s likely you’ve already got your business backstory or origin story in place. You’ve probably even designed a series of values statements for internal and external use. But there are other stories marketers and internal communications managers should consider adding to their toolkits.  

In this series, I’m exploring the different types of stories you can design to:

  • share your successes
  • connect to your audience
  • celebrate your successes and
  • engage your employees

Today’s installment covers the types of stories you can consider creating.

1. Start with an Origin Story

Your business’s origin story is a powerful tool that can help you build an emotional connection with your audience. Use it to showcase your values and mission, and to demonstrate how your business came to be.

2. Highlight Client Success Stories

Sharing stories of clients or customers who have achieved success using your products or services is a great way to show potential clients the value of what you offer. Use these stories as a marketing tool to demonstrate the benefits of your business’s offerings. For many years, I’ve written client stories and case studies for purposeful businesses. 

3. Share Employee Stories

Sharing stories about your employees can help build a sense of community and pride within your company. Use these stories for internal communications and to showcase your business’s culture to potential employees. 

  • At Pitcher Partners, we designed a fantastic campaign called ‘Making Careers Personal’ to riff off the tagline of ‘Making Business Personal’. Download the stories I produced for Pitcher Partners’ recruitment campaign.

4. Tell the Story of Your Product or Service

The story of how your product or service was developed can be used to showcase your business’s innovation and expertise. Use it as a marketing tool to differentiate yourself from competitors.

5. Craft a Brand Story

A brand story communicates your business’s values, personality, and mission. It’s a powerful tool for creating a consistent brand message across all marketing and communications channels.

  • Discover the utterly delightful, personality-filled Good Pair Days Brand Story. 

6. Share Your Social Responsibility Story

Sharing stories about your corporate social responsibility (CSR)  initiatives can help to build a positive image and increase brand loyalty. Use them for marketing purposes and to boost employee morale. Make sure you know the pitfalls of greenwashing or socialwashing before you craft a CSR Story.

Compelling stories can help you can engage your clients and employees, build brand loyalty, and differentiate yourself from competitors. You can start crafting or rewriting your stories at any time – whether you’re an established business or team, or going through a period of change and transition. 

Follow this series over the next few weeks to learn more about crafting each story type above.  Or, if you’d like to develop your stories with support from an experienced storytelling teacher, get in touch:Client

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