We Rebranded! A New Instagram Live Show

The Storytelling Business has launched a new Instagram Live Show featuring business owners who have rebranded own businesses. 

We Rebranded! Stories of Business Transformation is hosted by our founder, Michelle Newell. Each episode, Michelle interviews a business owner who has rebranded, refreshed or revived their business brand. 

Guests share their rebranding journey, including whether they went it alone or hired an agency, how much it cost, and what impact it had on their business.

What is branding?

We Rebranded! goes deep into defining ‘brand’. Brand is more than just the logos, colours, fonts or tagline that immediately spring to mind when someone says ‘branding’. 

We Rebranded! explores how businesses use their brand to showcase their values, reposition themselves in a competitive marketplace, and attract new clients.

Where to watch the show

Join The Storytelling Business live on Instagram each week. Make sure you follow us so you’re notified when the show starts.

If you missed a show, you can catch up on The Storytelling Business Instagram TV channel. Or visit the dedicated webpage featuring all past episodes.

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